For A Rainy Day

It's hard to believe that these good looking boots aren't made of leather, isn't it?  They're made of rubber by the French company AIGLE and lined with comfy padded jersey.  They're definitely on my wish list for fall.  You can find them at Brooks Brothers (click the AIGLE link above).


  1. hi deborah,

    my favorite riding boots are made of rubber too. they are for mucking stalls but i find them fab in the garden too. esp in the deep ivy and such. those are lovely.

  2. Hi Janet - I thought of you when writing this post since these boots are not leather and I know how you feel about these things...!

  3. Darn - sold out! I wonder if some are still in the stores. I'd prefer hosing off mud rather than scraping it off of other boots. Those really are classic!


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