Some Sparkle

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It always seemed odd that my mother would say "I'm not really a jewelry person" when the subject of gifts came up.  How could any woman not be a jewelry person, I thought?  But over time, I realized that I'm not a jewelry person either. Funny how that happens.  Although I do like to wear some jewelry--earrings, a ring, occasionally a necklace.  But not too many pieces piled on at once and nothing over-the-top expensive either. 

 So, I set out looking for a ring to meet my criteria. Something to wear on its own, with no other jewelry, day or evening and was happy to find this. It's cubic zirconia and silver, not the real thing of course for that price, although it looks like the real thing.  I plan to wear the ring with no other jewelry because it's substantial enough on its own and just a bit of sparkle goes a long way.

~ D ~

Happy Weekend

Robyn Thompson Photography, here

Here's to the end of another work week. There is so much to look forward to this weekend--spending time with my Mom on Mother's day and sun is in the forecast for Boston.

Enjoy the weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

~ D ~

The Leather Tote

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I'm falling for this carry-anywhere, go-with-anything chestnut colored leather tote.  It's a nice change from the usual black bag and well-priced (far less than the mortgage payment that some bags command).  Plus, I prefer to spend a bit more on one or two handbags instead of buying several that I won't end up using.  Did I mention that I'm not a shoe collector either?

~ D ~

A Classic Watch

An affordable watch that will never go out of style, this Seiko is similar to the classic Cartier tank watch at a fraction of the price. If I owned no other jewelry but this watch a pair of diamond solitaire earrings (someday), I'd never again say I have nothing to wear.

~ D

Flowers Forever

Porcelain flower by Vladimir Kanevsky

Artist Vladimir Kanevsky crafted this delicate porcelain flower. Read more about him in The Wall Street Journal (via Linda Merrill's blog Surroundings).

~ D ~



Wishing you a sweet Valentine's Day.

~ D ~

A Rosy Glow

The maker of this ring refers to it as an engagement ring, but it's so striking and reasonably priced (really, click the link) that I'm tempted to buy it for myself.  It's hand crafted of silver with a rose quartz stone in a rose gold setting.  The rose theme is staying with me, it seems. 

~ D ~