Wrapped In Pink Satin

House Beautiful (photo by Don Freeman)

"In the interest of full disclosure, I'd have to admit that I love pink rooms because, in my innermost soul, I'm still brunette. Remember 'blue is for blondes and pink is for brunettes'? On the other hand, Diva, my naturally blonde Norfolk terrier, looks wicked in pink."

----  Carol Prisant 

(Wall Color, Hibiscus GH133 by Ralph Lauren)

This photo makes me want pink satin drapes on all my windows.  Fortunately, this is too large of a project for an impulse purchase.



  1. Gorgeous image but it needs to be a different color...HATE PINK! But that's just me I like deeper richer colors.

  2. Is that what I've been doing wrong all my life? I like pink and I'm blonde! LOL... Actually blue is a great color on me, especially royal or an azure...

  3. I'm a born blonde aged to brown aged more to some gray. I loved blue for years before adding pink. Now have a pink sitting room and a pink laundry room, plus blue/gray kitchen cabinets and 2 light blue guest rooms. Too many color personalities. That's a good pink paint color - do you know what it is? Those curtains would look better in my sitting room than the estate sale rose tone on tone ones that I'm using now.

  4. I never got the memo that pink is for brunettes. Pink and Green for this blonde all the way baby! Oh, yea, I love light blue too...


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