Pink Flats With Roses

Goodness, these are just about the prettiest shoes I've ever seen.  Can't you just picture these with a classic little black dress (or white dress) and a snappy clutch?  The problem is, I don't know who makes these shoes or where I can buy them. 

* Sigh *


  1. Those are adorable! I searched the internet for a while but didn't run across them...some close contenders but not quite what you found! These are not as fancy but kind of on that line...

  2. There are many fabric flower pattern, many free, online. Perhaps you could find a similar plain flat and make your own flower. i even bought a pair of flats that were on sale at Target, hoping to try to cover them with fabric and make a matching flower. Having no patience, I ended up wearing them before they became a project. I love that color and fabric - they seem to glow. I think they'd be my signature shoe to wear with almost everything (they'd have to have a round toe for me). What a statement.

  3. These shoes are pretty and love this color!!
    Very summerly and very feminine!


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