The Corsage Dress

I'm attending a wedding in a few weeks and have finally  found a dress to wear. But it's not this one.  The dress I bought is a simple dove gray sheath.  I fell in love with this pink "Corsage Dress" by Max Mara while browsing the internet.  My guess is it's a spring / summer 2011 dress and no longer available.  It's out of season anyway for November (in Boston, no  less), but the color and shape wowed me.  Bright pink is not a color I normally wear, but I'd make an exception in this case.

Are there particular colors of clothing you're either drawn?  How do you determine what looks best on you?

~ Deborah ~

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  1. It is a pretty dress but I avoid pink and am drawn to rich jewel tones. What looks best on me is simple drape, nothing that points out my ladies if you know what I mean since I'm busty. Hate drawing attention there! Enjoy your Halloween evening and hope nobody scared you to badly!


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